The courtroom is a very serious place, but once in a while, it becomes a theater for human comedy as the search for justice unfolds. On this week’s Coast to Coast legal-affairs podcast, you’ll hear the classic humor of real-life courtroom stories from special guest, Judge Jerry Buchmeyer, a senior U.S. District Court judge in Dallas. Since 1980, Judge Buchmeyer has documented funny courtroom moments in his “et cetera” column in the Texas Bar Journal and now through the Say What?! blog on the State Bar of Texas Web site. Join my co-host J. Craig Williams and me as Judge Buchmeyer shares his humorous stories.

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  • Pam Buchmeyer

    Robert, I would be so thrilled to hear my late father’s voice again. This is Judge Buchmeyer’s daughter Pamela Buchmeyer, a Texas lawyer now living in Florida. I also have the honor of continuing dad’s humor column for the Texas Bar Journal. Is there a way for me to access this audio-video file? Thank you!