For me, CBS News was long the undisputed leader in principled and professional reporting. I can’t help but see Dan Rather’s departure as an ominous portent for the future of CBS News and all broadcast news, especially given the pop-culture celebrity who soon will take his former anchor seat.

  • Tom Brokaw also started the anchor phase of his career at the Today show. Give Katie Couric a chance before you judge her.

  • I’m no fan of Katie either, but why is she considered a pop-culture celebrity? If they were replacing him with Britney Spears, that comment would make more sense, but Couric has paid her dues. Let’s see how she handles the responsibility. When given the chance, she’s pulled off some major “gets” and has handled the subjects of many delicate news stories quite well.

  • Anonymous

    Katie Couric is out of her league and will be off air in 9 months just like when Connie Chung did her own nose dive a few years ago.