[Update 9.4.06: Is Browzar adware? Not that I can tell.]

A new browser, called Browzar, lets you surf the Web without leaving any tracks on your host computer. It keeps no cache files or browsing history and deletes any cookies you accept when you close it down. Better yet, the program is tiny — only 264KB.

This makes it ideal for lawyers who use computers other than their own, whether in an Internet cafe when traveling or in another lawyer’s office. You can keep the executable file on a thumb drive and surf without fear of leaving a record.

[Via Ars Technica.]

  • Anonymous

    The best way to keep things out of caches and the like is to use a self-contained bootdisk like Knoppix, which boots the computer from a read-only CD, and contains a browswer. When you shut down, everything is gone.

    There are variants to knoppix, and it is customizable. And free.


  • Anonymous

    Portable freeware collection just removed Browzar b/c it was considered adware: