One of the nice features of the Firefox browser is the ability to customize its search bar with search plug-ins for a variety of sites. Now, Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute offers a selection of five LII Search plugins. Of the five, one allows you to search the entire LII site. The others search specific portions of LII: the U.S. Code, Wex (its legal encyclopedia), the annotated Constitution or recent federal circuit opinions.

Note to LII: The Wex plug-in seems to have a glitch. On several tries, I received the response, “badly formed search query.”

  • This is a great find! These will definitely come in handy.

    I put together a post about search plugin hotkeys, to help maximize the use of these awesome plugins you found.

    Maximize Firefox Searching with Hotkeys

  • When I tried to download/install them, I got:

    > Not Found

    > The requested URL /mycroft/lii_uscode was not found on this server.

    Am I doing anything wrong?