It seems that every law librarian in the United States knows the photo. Take a few parts Norman Rockwell and a few parts naughty, and you have the ingredients for “Shelving in Silhouette” — or, better yet, “Shelving in Stilletos.” The winning photo in last year’s Day in the Life of the Law Library photo contest, it showed Stina McClintock, library technician at Seattle’s King County Law Library, silhouetted against a window as she stood on one stilleto-heeled foot on a stepstool returning a law book to its rightful place.

Ms. McClintock, of course, has talents beyond shelving. One is that she is a beer aficionado. Not just a beer drinker, but a judge of home brews. Now, she has found to way to combine her law librarianship with her brewmanship in the form of a weekly column, Brewing With Stina, that will appear on Fridays on Law Librarian Blog. Let’s just hope no brew was partaken before she got up on that stepstool.

  • Anonymous

    Mmmmm. Delicious objectification! Thank goodness it’s time for that again!

  • Thanks Bob. Stina also blogs about life as a library tech on the Law Librarian Blog but I bet your audience will be more interested in her Brewing With Stina column.

    Joe Hodnicki,
    editor, Law Librarian Blog