The Boston Business Journal reports today that the Massachusetts School of Law at Andover has asked state officials for permission to open an undergraduate college, to be called the Massachusetts College of History and Law. The combined college and law school would enable students to earn a law degree in six years. Undergrads who achieve a 3.2 GPA would be allowed to start law school after their junior year.

  • I think this is an interesting proposition. I’m curious what kind-of effects it would have on the quality of education overall for the potential students. Check out more of my thoughts on this here.

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  • Fezziwig

    Right. Because I often find myself wishing the 22 year olds commenting in my classes had just a little bit less expeience with things like working for a living and paying their own rent. Gathering varied experiences before tackling a pervasive and mutifaceted discipline like law seems a very worthwhile thing to do-for its own sake as well as to make that study more meaningful. Innovating new ways to short circuit such a beneficial use of time seems misguided.