Vox Bibliothecae is a blog covering news and research related to social justice. It is written collaboratively by five librarians at the Zimmerman Law Library of the University of Dayton School of Law.

Why devote their blog to social justice? They explain:

“The University of Dayton is a Catholic University founded and operated by the Marianists. The university and the school of law both emphasize service to the community and concern for the common good. Thus, the topic of ‘social justice’ seemed like a natural fit. Besides, there are already several excellent blogs about Ohio Law, and very few that look at ‘social justice’ research and scholarship.”

Recent posts cover abortion law in Taiwan, the international slave trade and the arrest of an Ethiopian human rights lawyer.

  • Hi,

    It is a good blog. I have first time visited the blog about the “social justice”.
    This is good work done by the librarians at “Zimmerman Law Library of the University of Dayton School of Law.”