If you subscribe to my RSS feed, please excuse the flood of items this morning. I switched last night to Blogger Beta, and apparently the first time publishing with the new system resends the most recent 25 posts. Much to my surprise, this included drafts not ready for publication — in fact, they were just pages I’d bookmarked to come back to.

An even bigger surprise and disappointment: Some of the best of Blogger’s new features do not work for those of us who publish to our own servers. They only work if you use Blogger’s Blogspot servers. This includes two of the best new features, dynamic publishing and easily configurable templates. Here’s how Blogger explains it:

Blogger in beta is based on the concept of dynamic serving. Since people using the FTP or SFTP features are not hosting their blogs on Blog*Spot, they’ll be unable to publish dynamically. We will continue to support FTP publishing in its current state (i.e. static web-pages created by Blogger and transferred to your server). However, new features that depend on dynamic serving will be unavailable to these blogs. For people who wish to take full advantage of all Blogger’s features, we recommend switching to Blog*Spot publishing.

OK, now I’m convinced — time to move to a new publishing tool.

  • I have to say I’ve enjoyed the new features on Blogger Beta, but I don’t use FTP, and I don’t mind using Blogspot for hosting.

    To me the most glaring omission since Blogger Beta went “feature complete” has been the lack of an import/export feature. I switched to the Beta Blogger primarily because it’s the only free site I’ve seen to support multiple authors. Beta has also added great support for adding “widgets”, including those that use javascript (my chief complaint about WordPress.org’s free product).

    It seems like the lack of an export feature might hamper your mobility a bit. But if you do decide to switch, head over to Squarespace.com. You have to pay, but the combination of features and ease of use is the best I’ve seen.