This is an experiment that I hope will allow me to tap into the collective wisdom of my readers. My RSS reader is flooded with law blogs. Every day, I discover more great law blogs. They provide me great information as well as plenty of fodder for the three blogs I write: Lawsites, Media Law and’s Legal Blog Watch. But I can’t read everything. I need to make choices, to prioritize. Maybe I need to cut some and maybe I should add others.

Thus, this poll. What I want to know is this: What is the one law-related blog you feel you must read as regularly as possible? No fair naming your own. From your responses, I hope to find guidance in deciding which blogs should be on my own must-read list.

The poll is in the right-hand column of this page. Tell me your top blog, using whatever criteria you wish, and its URL. I’ve included a space for comments, if you care to add any.

Unless you tell me otherwise, I’ll eventually publish some or all of the responses I receive. So, please vote. You’ll help me and others discover the best legal blogs.