Great news. An e-mail I received today informs me that this blog has been selected for the “Feaured law blog Award” (their spelling, not mine) on a site called Funny thing is, the award-giver apparently selected my blog without knowing anything about it, because in order to accept, I have to tell them everything you would have thought they’d know before granting me this high honor. Here’s what they say:

What do you have to do to accept your Featured Law Blog Award? All you have to do is reply to this email confirming pertinent infomation regarding your blog such as the name of the blog’s contact/author, and their current e-mail address. We will also need a short article describing your blog and the types of aticles and posts that are normally featured on your blog. Once submitted, it will be posted to your dedicated page on and it will remain there forever.

It gets better. Not only do I receive the honor of this award, I also get two amazing bonuses:

  • First, I will be permitted to submit one article per month to
  • Second, I will receive “a professional Banner” to place on my blog that will link to

And who is the sender of this notification of honor? A member of the judging committee? An executive of the company? No, the award comes, not surprisingly, from a marketing associate who also happens to work for something called

Truly, I am honored, but I really must decline.