A Web site scheduled to launch tomorrow is designed to help lawyers — particularly those in smaller firms — outsource work to legal-support freelancers. The site, LawSourcing, facilitates the process of hiring outside help to perform projects such as legal research and writing, due diligence and document reviews, Web site design, marketing or any other type of project.

Hiring is done through a bidding process. You post a description of your project and service providers bid on it. You pick the provider you want based on the bid amount and the provider’s qualifications. You then put the bid price into an escrow account with LawSourcing. Once the project is completed and you accept it, LawSourcing releases the payment to the service provider.

LawSourcing accepts projects only from licensed attorneys. You are under no obligation to accept any bid. There is no charge for registering with the service or for posting projects, unless you choose an optional enhancement for your listing. The site’s fees come from service providers, who may bid on up to 10 projects a month for free or purchase enhanced listings and bidding options for $14.99 or $24.99 a month. The service provider also pays a per-project transaction fee based on the project cost.

As lawyers use providers, they may post evaluations for others to see.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting concept, but as of this morning, not a single project is posted there. Not one (save for a site-sponsored tagline contest)

  • Yes, but it was just launched. Let’s give it a chance.

  • wow,that’s really nice idea.
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