With gay marriage comes gay divorce. With emerging technologies comes virtual visitation. With fractured families comes grandparent visitation. These are just some of the current issues in family law that we discuss this week on the legal-affairs podcast Lawyer2Lawyer. Joining my cohost J. Craig Williams and me to discuss the latest developments in divorce, alimony and child custody are Sherri Donovan, principal of the law firm Sherri Donovan & Associates and author of the recently published book, Hit Him Where It Hurts: The Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Divorce–Alimony, Custody, Child Support, and More, and Daniel E. Clement, principal in the Law Offices of Daniel E. Clement and author of the blog New York Divorce Report.

  • Anonymous

    With the out of date laws and attitudes in place, collaborative divorces are just a dream. The lawyers will not allow this to happen. The divorce industry is their cash cow. Just read the books being written by the lawyers today. These books show that lawyers do not really care about the children. If, they did, they would be writing books that show people how to find a win, win divorce. Ms Donovan speaks out of both sides of her face when she talks about collaborative divorce and then writes the kinds of books that she does.

  • Lawyers are just a third-party beneficiary to the current system. The primary beneficiaries are the family courts and agencies that receive funding under Title IV Part D of the Social Security Act. The way the voluntary federal grant program is written, states are abusing it as a revenue generation tool instead of aid to needy families.

    Family Courts are rushing to establish paternity, child supprt orders, and creating the appearance that all separations/divorces result in an absent parent by labeling one noncustodial. This is how the courts receive their funding.

    Over 45% of the cases now are middle and upper class families that taxpayers are having to pay for due to the states abusing the program and forcing everyone into the Title IV-D system.

    So what drives the divorce industry? Billions of federal dollars in incentives that the states are competing which has resulted in alot of parents not being able to be fully involved in their childrens’ lives.

    Lary Holland

  • Anonymous

    Ms. Donovan’s promoting book pandering to the scam of the divorce industry is just further hater and racist literature to promote the destruction of families. She does not care that her product and profession destroys children only she desires to promote feminist ideals that women earn 45% less then men and the myth men are only good for a paycheck and no other value. She is making over $1 million per year. I don’t see how she can promote so much male biased stereotypes from the 40’s and 50’s when most women today that are qualified for a position are chosen over men and most women today prefer to send their children to daycare over having the father spend quality time with their children. I urge Boycott Barnes & Nobles and not buy anything while this racist book is on thier selves.