I know nothing about U.K. legal ethics rules. I don’t even know if the U.K. has legal ethics rules. But I’m pretty sure this site would not pass muster in the U.S.

Called Expert Legal Advice, the site sells legal advice in prepaid increments of 10, 20, 40 and 80 minutes. The advice, as this page explains, is provided by a team of solicitors in New Delhi. “These are very bright people who have shown a real knowledge of English law before they even begin to look at legal source material,” the site says. Well, that’s reassuring.

The site promises that its prices for legal advice “are approximately one third of those of a high Street (sic) solicitor.” Unused time is refunded after a month. If your facts are too complicated for the time you’ve purchased, they “tell you immediately.” The site is operated by Net Lawman, a company that sells legal documents over the Web.

  • Interesting post. I had to look into it further because it seemed to me that it just couldn’t be legal. However, my research seems to indicate that this arrangement does in fact comply with UK legislation.

    I’ve written a post on the issue – it’s rather long, but hopefully canvasses the issues fully.

  • Have a look at this post from a UK academic, commenting on the phenomenon.