For someone who grew up during an era when our collective image of Russia was based on grainy black-and-white photos of May Day military parades in Moscow’s Red Square, my trip to Russia this week was eye-opening. Our destination was the Siberian city of Tomsk and our focus was media and the courts. I learned much about the Russian courts and the Russian media, and I hope I left some knowledge behind as well. I will blog more about the visit after I recover from the long trip home. For now, here is a photo taken during my presentation to judges, lawyers and media representatives at the Tomsk Oblast Court.

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    Like thousands of American families do each year, my wife and I finalized the adoption of our Russian-born daughter in Russian court. Maybe they’re not all this way, but the state’s attorney was eager to tear me a new one. The judge was nice, though (for what it’s worth, also a lady).

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