Score another glitch for the new lawyer rating site Avvo: According to the Avvo profile of lawyer and blogger J. Craig Williams — my colleague in hosting Lawyer2Lawyer — he is, shall we say, no longer with us. Click on the “Experience” tab in Craig’s profile, and it lists him as deceased. It also shows him as having obtained his law license in 1951, which is pretty good given that he wasn’t even born yet. At least it does show him as continuing to actively practice law — dead or alive.

  • Paul Bloom, Avvo co-founder


    You should be relieved to know that your colleague is in fact alive and well on Avvo. What happened? The profile you linked to had a data error on our part…the dead lawyer is in fact J. Steve Williams.

    J. Craig Williams is not only alive, but clearly has an impressive resume and is rated as “Superb” on Avvo.

    Our apologies for the mistake on our end. With over 650,000 lawyers in our database, some data errors are inevitable and we’re fixing them as quickly as we can. Please keep the feedback coming, we’re working hard to improve the site.