Earlier this week, I wrote a review here of The Lawyers Wall, concluding, “As a medium for lawyer marketing, this one seems to hit a brick wall.” That brought a response from the site’s founder, Jeffrey D. Brown, on his blog, The LW Blog. Now, Brown has deleted his response from his blog, along with all other prior postings, and replaced them with this new message: You can own The Lawyers Wall. It says:

“We’re offering The Lawyers Wall for sale as a turnkey property. This is a beautiful Wall property with a fabulous adaptation for WordPress to go with it. The Wall skin is certainly one of our best. This site has tremendous earning potential and we look forward to finding a good home for it.”

Elsewhere, he is inviting bids for the site, with a minimum opening bid of $995.

Thanks to Gerry Riskin for the heads up on this latest development.