Earlier this week, I wrote a review here of The Lawyers Wall, concluding, “As a medium for lawyer marketing, this one seems to hit a brick wall.” That brought a response from the site’s founder, Jeffrey D. Brown, on his blog, The LW Blog. Now, Brown has deleted his response from his blog, along with all other prior postings, and replaced them with this new message: You can own The Lawyers Wall. It says:

“We’re offering The Lawyers Wall for sale as a turnkey property. This is a beautiful Wall property with a fabulous adaptation for WordPress to go with it. The Wall skin is certainly one of our best. This site has tremendous earning potential and we look forward to finding a good home for it.”

Elsewhere, he is inviting bids for the site, with a minimum opening bid of $995.

Thanks to Gerry Riskin for the heads up on this latest development.

  • Thanks, Bob… for your coverage. It’s all appreciated. My comment to Gerry on a personal level was that I felt we where simply not that well entrenched in the lawyer market (as well as the auto market) to give these properties a fair shake. FYI, I deleted the prior posts because they were no longer relevant. Listen, you could acquire the LW and use it to raise money for your favorite legal charity… that’s really what I originally designed the Walls for to begin with. What do you say? Place a bid.


  • In my haste to add the previous comment I see I made a least one type and one unclear statement. Actually, we’re also selling the Auto Wall (www.TheAutoWall.com)… indicated our lack of entrenchment in “both” markets. Again, Bob… thanks so much and all the best.


  • Hello once again, Bob… From deep inside the the underground bunker within the confines of the Lawyers Wall. We’re considering changing the name to The Great Wall of Lawyers… although someone may have already thought of that. To update, we’ve had about 35 lookers on the “sale” and to make it easier, we’ve eliminated the minimum bid… So if you like, you could just make an offer and we’ll consider it. Personally, I hope you get it.

    Be well, and be wall,