As I blogged about here last week, the editor of Blawg Review kicked off a meme he called Simply the Best, in which he listed his top 10 law blogs and then asked each listed blog to list its 10 top and so on like some blogger pyramid scheme. After expressing my disdain for such things, I went ahead and let myself get suckered in, listing my top 10 and dutifully passing the torch.

Now, by way of Abbie Mulvihill at the blog AbsTracked, I learn that another legal blogger, Scott Vine of Information Overlord, has started a sort of anti-meme to the Blawg Review meme, listing his top 10, but changing the parameter to a list defined as “who do I read that I think may have been overlooked by those that I read that have been meme’d??” Among his overlooked sites was the aforementioned AbsTracked, where Mulvihill played along and listed her overlooked top 10. (Wait, Abbie, beSpacific wasn’t overlooked; I had her on my list.)

If all these blawgs qualify as overlooked by not having been mentioned in the meme’s first round, shall we consider them the unmentionables?

  • Hi there. I don’t think Scott Vine’s intention was to start an “anti-meme.” I think he was just trying to include other blogs he enjoys. I thought it was nice, and I thought the way he phrased it was pretty funny.

    I did notice that beSpacific had been listed. That is why I said “most of them.” I thought about mentioning that Sabrina had already been tagged, but realized that would mean I’d have to check to see if any others had been mentioned, and frankly, it was getting late.

    Sure, consider me an “unmentionable,” (after today’s mention) but do give the others a shot. I think everybody has something good to offer. You might be surprised!


  • Scott

    Damn. I wish my intention had of been to create an anti-meme. Why did I not think of that before … hangs head in shame 🙁
    Thanks for the mention though Robert, and the great defence Abbie.