In 2003, the American Bar Association’s Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section, with some degree of fanfare, launched e-Dicta, a portal to tort and insurance resources on the Internet. I praised it at the time, writing on this blog that it was “a true mega-site, combining original content and links to other Web resources to create a one-of-a-kind resource.”

But it seems that e-Dicta has fallen victim to the curse of inattention. Much of it appears never to have been updated since the year of its launch. Click its link for recent newsletters, and you are transported back to 2003. Click its link for hot issues, and they are all from 2003. Click its link for news and you come to a page of blog headlines “powered by Daily Whirl,” a blog aggregation site that no longer exists.

The main TIPS page still highlights e-Dicta as something worth visiting, touting, “It’s Here!!! The TIPS e-Dicta E-Zine/Portal is now available online. 100’s of links, resources, and content areas to give you the ultimate law resource!” Unfortunately, this ultimate resource is stuck in a time warp.

  • May be seeing uptake at other places on the same subject. The Trial Law Resource Center Blog at may be one. Though I do not participate in the blog/resource, I think they’re getting some nice contributions from trial lawyers.