The Columbia Law Review today announced the launch of an online publication, Sidebar, which will serve as a forum for shorter, more informal pieces to complement the Law Review’s print edition. The announcement explains:

“The term “sidebar” has different meanings in different contexts. In a courtroom, when attorneys and judges have sidebar conferences, they engage in frank discussion of a live legal issue. When journalists add a sidebar to a story, they provide deeper insight or a fresh perspective on an issue covered in the accompanying text.

“Sidebar, the new online publication of the Columbia Law Review, serves both functions. With the new site, the Review joins a growing list of legal publications, practitioners, scholars, and bloggers who engage in legal discourse online. In addition, the site provides a new take on the issues tackled by scholars in the pages of the Review‘s print edition, by inviting experts in a variety of fields to contribute their own views.”

Among the articles posted so far: