My post yesterday, Case Law Libre!, pointed to the registration-required Law Technology News version of the article. Today, posted it on the Legal Technology page, where no registration is required.

Also, I heard today from Thomas Smith, the University of San Diego School of Law professor who serves as CEO of the experiment legal search engine PreCYdent, which I discuss in the article. I wrote that PreCYdent “came about through the work” of Smith. He corrects me:

“I should note that my work on PreCYdent has been but a small fraction of the work done by Antonio and his team in Italy. I had a notion that something like the technology they created could be created, but they are the ones who built it. I’m a lawyer with undergraduate degrees in philosophy and economics, not a computer scientist. So my team really deserves the credit for our search technology, which is our unique contribution. So saying that PreCYdent came about through my work, overstates my role.”

Antonio is Antonio Tomarchio, CTO of PreCYdent. I recently posted Tomarchio’s video showing how to use PreCYdent.