Ever wish you’d e-mailed that pleading to the court a few minutes or even a few days earlier? Ever regret having missed the deadline for exercising that option? Ever wish you’d e-mailed a birthday wish to your partner on the actual birthday? Never again miss a deadline — or at least never again appear to miss a deadline — thanks to a feature launched today as part of Google’s Gmail called Gmail Custom Time.

Now, when composing an e-mail using Gmail, just set the date it should appear to have been received and it will land in the recipient’s inbox in the appropriate chronological order. You can even decide whether to have the e-mail show up as read or unread. The new feature will allow you to backdate only to April 1, 2004. And it limits users to 10 custom time e-mails a year, so that people don’t lose faith in the accuracy of time.

If this sounds like a useful tool, I’d suggest you act fast. Even though it was launched just today, I suspect it may be gone by tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    I already used it with my broker. Saw a stock went up 2 points and sent the back timed email. They had to honor the trade. 10 times a year is enough. This is a perfect thing for me. I hope google keeps this quiet otherwise people will catch on.