I am not sure when this happened, because I just noticed it, but I see that Justia has added a lawyer directory to its many features. It lists lawyers and law firms by their practice areas and jurisdictions and can be searched by name and location. It is labeled “pre-beta,” suggesting it is fairly new, so I’ll forgive it for omitting my name. I have written here before that I believe Justia has become one of the best free legal-research sites on the Web, so this is one more feather in its cap.

  • Hi Bob

    Thanks for the kind post about our not quite ready for prime time directory.

    This is really pre-alpha… we are still entering in the data right now (as I type this – we will make sure you are in the data upload 🙂 and have not begun on the real design, adding maps, added functionality etc… Everything is running on Amazon Web Services, which we are having lots of fun playing with etc…

    Once the first static version of the directory is done with the data and design, we will open the site/data up so that detailed full profiles will be claimable and updatable by any/all lawyers for free. The user updating of free full profiles is similar to our friends at Avvo’s directory (which is great and one we recommend to all lawyers), although I think ours is going to be quite different in focus (we are currently not planning on numerically rating lawyers).

    Lot’s of work left to do right now… first the data, then the profile claiming and updating system needs to be turned on etc…. But nothing like having it live on the Web during development to keep us focused and working hard to get it done. I will email NetLawyers once it is really in pre-beta, hopefully soon 🙂

    Peace – Tim