today published Social Networking: For Lawyers Only? This is the second installment in my two-part look at social and professional networking sites for lawyers. The first part, published in June, is available here. This second part focuses on networking sites designed specifically for legal professionals. See also my review last week of a new professional networking site from Martindale-Hubbell.

  • Anonymous

    Part of the problem I think is the relatively high barrier to entry in joining lawyer-only sites. When I signed up for LawLink, I had to fax them a copy of my state bar certificate of good standing to prove I’m admitted to practice. This might not be a problem with Legal OnRamp where biglaw lawyers enjoy legions of support staff, and firms are actively supporting their associates’ participation, but a solo probably isn’t going to bother with entry requirements unless he can anticipate immediate marketing benefits.

    The other thing is, I’ve only heard of lawyer-only social networks in the last few years. But, I’ve been on LinkedIn and a handful of others for much longer. I’m currently on about 10 different social networking sites but I’m only truly active on maybe 3-4 of them. Given the demands on my time, I’d rather maintain an existing network than go through the process of building a new one on a new site. All this new social media is great, but frankly I’ve got web 2.0 fatigue.