Patents Online LLC, the company that operates the free patent-search site has launched a more feature-rich companion site targeted at law firms and IP professionals. Called SumoBrain, the new site is designed for professional users who need more features, including higher limits for PDFs, alerts and portfolios, as well as the ability to order documents in bulk. Features of SumoBrain include:

  • On-line search accounts with document downloads, collaboration tools, and other advanced features.
  • The ability to purchase whole data sets and data feeds, including custom analytics for inhouse data warehousing.
  • Custom projects to meet specific corporate/law firm demands.
  • Advanced search capabilities, including fielded searching, word stemming, proximity searching and search term weighting.

The company says its subscription pricing will be low as compared to competitors. A notice on the site’s subscription page says that it is currently accepting new sign-ups only by invitation, which can be requested through the site.