I continue to be amazed when I discover blogs purportedly written by legal professionals that have zero concept of copyright law or even common courtesy. Here is the latest. First, read this item that I posted yesterday morning to Law.com’s Legal Blog Watch, With the Web, Who Needs Mediation? Now, read this item posted yesterday afternoon to the Paralegal SLO blog, With the Web, Who Needs Mediation? Word for word a rip-off, with not even an attribution. Even worse, the anonymous blogger describes herself as an instructor in law at a community college. Sorry, teacher, but you get an F.

  • WOW. I guess plagiarism is sort of a compliment. Sort of…

    Nice of you to call the poster out this way. I wonder if they got a linkback– hah!

  • I have noticed that copyright infringement is a growing problem on blogs as people mistakenly assume that anything in an RSS feed is free to be copied.

    This has given rise to services like http://copyscape.com/, which allows bloggers to find copies of their materials on the internet.

    Still, it can be difficult to know who to send the “cease and desist” to—which often is not worth the time. Maybe, in the future, someone will come up with a more simple way to issue a cease and desist to website owners.

  • I guess the SLO Paralegal got the message as their posting no longer exists. No linkback now.

  • allen turner, esq

    I went to the second cite site and it is gone.

  • Copyright issues aside, I never understood why some bloggers feel the need to copy others' content in whole. No originality there. The blog becomes nothing more than an aggregator. It's bad enough with all the scraper sites that automatically mine content and repost.

    Legit bloggers will cite the source, maybe paraphrase a small part, and provide a linkback. Much better Netiquette that way, and they're staying within the bounds of Fair Use.

    BTW, I've found a few of my online articles "re-appropriated" by others and posted on Scribd. The perps even stripped my name from the headers and took credit for it.

    The upside of Scribd is that they respond quickly to DMCA notice & takedown requests. The articles were pulled down with a few hours.