Will the Supreme Court dismiss a class action suit brought by smokers in Maine, who say they were misled into believing that “low tar” and “light” cigarettes are a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes? The case argued before before the high court this week, Altria Group v. Good, raises the question of whether smokers’ state-law claims against tobacco giant Phillip Morris are preempted by federal law. On this week’s legal-affairs podcast Lawyer2Lawyer, we discuss the case with two experts:

  • Dr. Jeffrey Wigand, internationally known for blowing the whistle on tobacco company Brown & Williamson. Wigand’s courageous story ultimately led to a landmark case against big tobacco and changes in cigarette advertising, and was the inspiration for the movie, The Insider. He now devotes much of his time to the organization he founded, Smoke-Free Kids.
  • Tony Mauro, Supreme Court correspondent for Legal Times and Law.com, who has written about the case and attended this week’s arguments.

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