The popular online advertising site Craigslist found itself in the spotlight recently after a Boston medical student was accused of murdering a Boston masseuse who he met through her advertisement on the site. Even before that incident, law enforcement officials sometimes accused Craigslist of enabling prostitution and other unlawful conduct. Last month, the sheriff in Cook County, Ill., filed a federal lawsuit against the site, charging that it knowingly promotes and facilitates prostitution.

On this week’s edition of the legal-affairs podcast Lawyer2Lawyer, we consider whether the law should more tightly regulate sites such as Craigslist. Joining my cohost J. Craig Williams and me to consider this question are two guests: Edward J. Wes, outside counsel for Craigslist and managing partner of the Menlo Park office of Perkins Coie, and David Ardia, fellow at the Berkman Center and director of its Citizen Media Law Project.

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