New Sites of Note, 7.7.09

  • Brain Injury Lawyer FAQ. New York personal injury lawyer John Hochfelder, author of the New York Injury Cases Blog, has launched this site to serve as a resource for both lawyers and injury victims. The site answers questions about traumatic brain injury and the law.
  • Rocket Lawyer Bankruptcy Center. Rocket Lawyer recently unveiled this site geared towards helping consumers and business owners navigate the bankruptcy process. It features articles about bankruptcy, a bankruptcy worksheet, and a directory of bankruptcy lawyers.
  • RightSignature. A site designed to make it simple to get documents signed online. Upload a document and enter recipient information, and it takes it from there, providing you regular updates as each party views and signs the document.
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    • I like RocketLawyer, but I hope they don't suffer the same fate as LegalZoom – that is that they spend all their time marketing and lose their focus on quality. It seems that the smaller, more focused sites such as are coming on strong with a focus toward the customer – more so than having celebrity attorneys. I'm also interested to see how Nolo improves over the coming years.