After publishing my head-to-head review comparing Casemaker and Fastcase, I noted in a follow-up post earlier this month the Oregon State Bar Association’s decision to switch from Casemaker to Fastcase and Casemaker’s response to that decision.

Now, Laura Orr at Oregon Legal Research offers another perspective on the Casemaker vs. Fastcase debate that she describes as “closed vs. open source.” Casemaker only allows lawyers to subscribe, whereas Fastcase is open to anyone to subscribe. That means that law librarians, paralegals and other legal support professionals cannot use Casemaker.

Casemaker’s closed-subscription policy, Orr writes, “is a real liability in the legal world, where non-attorneys in large and small law firms are the very people who not only do a lot of database searching but are also the very people who can offer hands-on, real-time database training to attorneys, on the spot.”

  • Casemaker- Steve Newsom

    Dear Bob,

    I regret that Ms. Orr has been misinformed in that Casemaker left all decisions to the Oregon Bar Administration as to who had access to Casemaker or not.

    We currently have many Bars, out of our 28 Bar members, who provide Casemaker to law student, libraries, court system for free, as decided by the bar who is paying for the service. It is Bar controlled, not by Casemaker and apparently the New Oregon Bar Administration has opened its policy to others than attorneys… we believe being inclusive is a good decision for the Bar.

    Note currently that Casemaker is available to all Oregonians for FREE, as we are responding to the reoccurring and growing wave of requests to continue our services to our loyal Casemaker Oregon users. This FREE BETA model will remain in force as long as high level of users continue to use the service.

    New editorial services are being added to the current and familiar Free Oregon Casemaker; new very low cost (1/10th the costs of current products) subscription services such as an Iconic Citator, with court summaries, and CasemakerDigest (appellate court summaries, categorized by practice area and provided within 24 hours) services.

    Thanks for letting me set the record straight.


    Steven Newsom
    Managing Director
    C: 803.351.0173

  • Interesting review, thanks for sharing. I'm a fan and user of Casemaker and have never used Fastcase before, maybe I will have to give it a try.