Lawyer and legal technologist Dennis Kennedy has published his annual law-related blogging awards, which he calls The Blawggies. I am happy to report that Lawyer2Lawyer, the podcast I cohost with J. Craig Williams, received the award for Best Legal Podcast — a notable achievement given that Dennis has his own outstanding podcast with Tom Mighell, The Kennedy-Mighell Report.

The honor is even greater because this is the fourth year in row that Dennis named Lawyer2Lawyer best podcast. He also awarded us Blawgies in 2008 (in a tie with Denise Howell’s This Week in Law), in 2007 and in 2006.

Both Lawyer2Lawyer and The Kennedy-Mighell Report are produced by the great folks at the Legal Talk Network.

Other Blawggie Award recipients for 2009:

Congratulations to all the honorees and thanks to Dennis.