As the parent of two kids with nut and other food allergies, I live in constant fear of hidden allergens in food. (I wrote in 2006 about my older son’s near-death experience from an unmarked peanut-butter cookie.) Here is good news for parents who find themselves in this situation: Food-sniffing dogs trained to protect children with food allergies. WBZ TV reports on Angel Service Dogs, a Colorado-based organization that trains dogs to sniff out the scents of dangerous foods in the same way that law enforcement dogs are trained to sniff out contraband.

  • That's Interesting. If you would like I have another convenient allergy guide— that empowers consumers with the information, tools and resources to take action by helping you to become aware of those ingredients and food items that should be avoided, while helping you to identify the most beneficial foods based on your specific nutritional profile! It really works.

  • AllergyEats ( is a new resource for those with food allergies and intolerances to find allergy-friendly restaurants. It is based on a peer-to-peer rating system, so a restaurant’s allergy-friendliness score is determined by our community (rather than individual “experts.” Rating a restaurant requires answering 3 simple questions and doesn’t even take a minute. Over 600,000 restaurants across the US are available to rate. Each new rating increases the value of AllergyEats as a tool for all of us. In addition, there is factual info such as menus, gluten-free menus, allergen lists, nutrition guides, certifications, etc.

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