Remember, the site that describes itself as “an independent authority on the best attorneys at law.” As I wrote about it on March 4 and again on March 5, the site says it uses an “experienced research team” to pick the best lawyers in various fields. Yet many of the lawyers it names as best in a particular field have no connection at all to the designated area of practice. As one example I found, a solo family lawyer in Mass. was named the third best IP lawyer in the state, even though she has never touched an IP case in her entire career.

Today, Scott Greenfield writes (via @brucecarton) that this online lawyer scam continues with the site’s no less dubious selection of the 10 best criminal attorneys in the U.S. Asks Greenfield, “Anybody want to take a wild guess what’s wrong with this list?”

  • Bob: nice find. It seems a disservice to clients and the lawyers themselves to have unsubstantiated listings like that on the web. It actually hurts a lawyers' credibility in the marketplace to be listed for something they do not do. I hope that the lawyers you mentioned have a way of opting out of the service, or even better, that someone should have it shut down.

  • I wonder how Consumer Reports feels about the look and feel of their rankings being used by BestAttorneysOnline.

  • Maybe the “experience research team” had just put up the names just to have a list to show on their site. That aint good.