I am thrilled to announce that LawSites is moving. The new address for the blog is https://www.lawsitesblog.com and the new RSS feed is https://www.lawsitesblog.com/feed. I hope you will check out the new site.

I am particularly thrilled with the new design, which was done for me by the good folks at Justia. The blog will now run on WordPress, as I move off Blogger, where I’ve been since 2002.

Today is moving day (given that Blogger’s FTP support shuts down tomorrow). Once the dust settles, I will post more about the transition. For now, I hope you’ll update your feeds and bookmarks and let me know your thoughts on the new design.

This will be my final post via Blogger FTP.

  • Bob – it looks great! Congrats!

  • This new improved site looks simply wonderful.

  • I like the new site Robert.

    Also, it’s cool to see a big design company like Justia designing WordPress site — I have always respected their design work. However, you should ask them to add a favicon to your site, and perhaps a ‘subscribe to comments’ by email if it is not already built in.

  • Hey, Bob – Like your new look. Pretty slick for an old guy.

  • It was a great honor to work on this project at Justia. I hope you like your new blog.

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