I posted here a couple days ago about the new survey of compensation paid to law firm media professionals. It found salaries ranging from $50,000 to $375,000. That prompted a follow-up post from Mike Mintz at the Martindale.com Blog and an invitation from Mike to post about it in the Legal Management forum on Martindale-Hubbell Connected. I took him up on it, and you can find that forum post here. (You have to be registered to reach that, but registration is free.)

The gist of my post is to ask whether law firm PR professionals are overpaid or underpaid or whether law firms even need PR pros on staff. My opinion is that a skilled and knowledgeable communications professional can be highly valuable to a law firm. That’s not to say there aren’t incompetent PR folks out there. As a former newspaper editor, I’ve encountered my fair share of clueless PR folks. But as I say in my forum post,  in an age of social media, law firms do themselves a disservice not to use a communications or media professional.

Feel free to share your thoughts at the Connected forum or right here.