The Federal Judiciary unveiled a significantly redesigned Web site this week at U.S. The redesign is intended to make the site more attractive, accessible and useful, an announcement said. In the process, it added new Web 2.0 features such as RSS feeds, podcasts and multimedia. In fact, the Federal Judiciary now even has its own YouTube channel.

Among the changes:

  • A new navigation bar now appears at the top of every page.
  • The front page is reconfigured to make it easier to find the site’s key features.
  • An “Information For” box lets users find information according to their interests.
  • The ability to search the site is enhanced and a search box appears on every page.
  • Most pages now have buttons to print them or share them on a blog or social media site.
  • Users can now sign up to receive e-mail updates when new information becomes available on the site.

To see a video showing changes to the site, click here.