In January, I wrote a post about BarMax CA, a full-fledged preparation course for the California bar exam, delivered entirely on the iPhone. Today, an Ohio company, Supreme Bar Review, announced a series of iPhone apps designed to help law school graduates prepare for the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE).

The series is made up of seven separate iPhone apps, each covering a subject tested on the MBE: constitutional law, contracts and sales, criminal law, criminal procedure, evidence, real property and torts.

Each app includes a complete video lecture from a law school professor plus a complete set of MBE-style multiple-choice practice questions with explanatory answers.

Purchasers of the apps also get access to any handouts mentioned in a lecture and access to e-mail and telephone support form the company.

Other features include: detailed description of topics tested on the MBE, access to any handouts mentioned in lectures, note-taking function within the app, search function, and e-mail and telephone support within the app.

Each app costs $79.99, except for criminal law and criminal procedure, which each cost $39.99.