If you’re married to your iPhone but not so sure about your spouse, then DivorceApps.com may have just what you need. It is developing a series of iPhone apps designed for people who are considering or in the process of divorce.

Two apps have been released so far. The first, Cost & Prep, is an app that helps people plan and track the costs of divorce and that also helps track key information that will be required in a divorce case. The second, Estate Divider, helps create an inventory of assets and liabilities and then calculate how best to divide them. Each of these apps costs $9.99.

Still in development are a child-support calculator, a child-possession calculator, and a more robust version of the estate divider program.

DivorceApps.com is the creation of Dallas family-law attorney Michelle May O’Neil, who founded the company together with business partner Bryan C. Rice, a forensic CPA.  Their apps were featured in an article this week in The Dallas Morning News.