Scott Greenfield’s recent post about blogging,in which he notes that he had reached 4th on Avvo’s list of top legal blogs, got me wondering where I stood. It’s been over a year since I last checked, at which time this blog ranked #30. When I checked today, my ranking had dropped to #59.

Perhaps more significantly, that 59th place does not actually belong to this blog, but to my law practice website. As regular readers will know, I recently moved this blog to its own domain. Thus, it went from to

The Avvo list is based on rankings by Alexa. As of today, Alexa assigns my domain (my law firm site) a rank of 575,762. It ranks my domain at 980,266. On Avvo’s list, that would put me at about 104th place. That number, however, reflects a three-month average, but I’ve only been at this address a little over a month. For the most recent one-month period, Alexa ranks this blog at 441,247.

Over the last three months, Alexa reports, my domain has seen a sharp drop in traffic, resulting in a 75,000-point drop in my Alexa ranking. By the same token, my domain is showing a rapid rise in popularity.

I’m not really sure what any of this means, if it means anything at all. I was worried that moving my blog would result in a significant drop in traffic. That does not seem to have happened; rather, the traffic that formerly went to sub-pages within my domain are now going to my new domain. Over the long run, that will allow me to get a more accurate read on my blog traffic as opposed to my website traffic.

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