Had an e-mail this morning from someone trying to find out whether an attorney had ever been disbarred or disciplined. I knew that most states, including mine, now publish this information on the Web. But finding it isn’t always easy.

Thus, I was happy to come across this FindLaw page, Researching Attorney Discipline. It provides links to the official lawyer look-up page for every state and the District of Columbia.

An alternative, unofficial source for this information is the lawyer-directory site Avvo. It provides disciplinary histories for the lawyers it lists.

I would start with the official source and use Avvo as a back up. From my quick review, it appeared that some of the states still do not publish disciplinary histories on the Web and others limit the time periods they cover (such as showing only the most recent 10 years). Where the official records are lacking, Avvo might have the information (although it derives its information from official sources).

Keep in mind that a lawyer could have been disciplined in any state in which he or she ever practiced. If you don’t know which state to search, Avvo is a good place to start, because you can search by lawyer name across all states.

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  • Robert Paquette

    Naturally, the New York State link at FINDLAW did not work, displaying a 404 error, not found. Very disappointing.

  • Our list at Lawyer Legion of recently disbarred or disciplined attorneys was recently updated. The links can quickly become outdated. See our recently updated list here – http://www.lawyerlegion.com/promote-your-law-practice/directories-by-state-bar/

  • Olly

    Unfortunate how some can taint the whole bunch. Terrible. Elder law scams are endemic in MA; SE MA in particular. Deplorable; taking advantage of people when they are in shock, down & out & fearful. Predators. I knocked myself out trying to obtain justice, but unfortunately, In The Halls Of Justice, The Only Real Justice Is In The Halls. Some lawyers think some are so stupid. Smoke & Mirrors, gutless cowards. Don’t know how some can sleep at night. Wow. Always the same & I guess it will always be. We’ll see what kind of justice I get after knocking myself out; trying to convey information; building a case; now, I have to keep my mouth shut, everything could boomerang on me. Shameful. Funny how the victim can end up looking like the perp. Twisted. At least I caused turmoil for this SOB. If I can save others; that’s great. I hope he’s disbarred & I can’t wait to see his shingle come down. But, I won’t hold my breath. I don’t like having a blue mug. Sleep tight.