I have received a number of e-mails and read several blog posts in response to my recent column in Law Technology News, Legal Blogs Are Dead! Long Live Legal Blogs! Some applauded me, some criticized me. Of those who criticized me, they fell into two camps. In one camp were those who were unhappy with the blogs I chose to highlight. In the other were those who were unhappy with the blogs I overlooked.

My intent in the column was only to highlight a handful of recently launched blogs to serve as examples to show that blogging is alive and well within the legal community. It was neither a “top blog” list nor a comprehensive index, just a sampling of some that had struck my eye as potentially interesting.

That said, I would love to hear about (and share with my readers) all the great blogs you think I should have mentioned. I invite you to note them in a comment below or send them to me in an e-mail (ambrogi-AT-gmail.com).

Here’s my one requirement: Send (or post) only recently launched legal blogs. For this purpose, I’ll define “recent” as within the last six months.

So, go ahead, tell me what I missed.

  • Not to direct any traffic away from your blog, but I’ve been highlighting great new law blogs every day on my blog for nearly 6 years now. Join me at Inter Alia (www.inter-alia.net), where I feature a Blawg of the Day every day – some great blogs highlighted there!

    • I second that and encourage anyone who doesn’t already follow your blog (if any such person exists) to do so immediately.

  • Just yesterday I launched a blog dealing with social media legal issues http://www.socialmediacounsel.blogspot.com/

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  • Just yesterday I started a blog on legal issues related to social media: www.http://www.socialmediacounsel.blogspot.com/

  • Hi Bob – Here are some legal-related blogs I read regularly…
    – Mattern of Fact (www.matternoffact.com)
    – Power Over Information (www.poweroverinformation.com)
    – Clio’s Blog (www.goclio.com/blog/)
    – Ride the Lightning (http://ridethelightning.senseient.com/)
    – LawBizBlog (www.lawbizblog.com)

    • Christy, a good list of blogs, all ones I read too. But none fit my requirement of having been launched within the last six months. But I can’t blame a PR person for trying.

  • http://www.lawwebmarketing.com covers SEO, content, legal marketing news, social media, the mobile Web, Web video and PPC advertising in at least three substantive blog posts weekly. We welcome any feedback from you or your readers. Thank you for your great work, Bob.

  • This isn’t a blog, but rather a Q&A focused, social networking site for law students and lawyers, Locksteplawyer.com (www.locksteplawyer.com). I started the site a little while ago to help law students and legal professionals share experience, insight, anxiety, etc. Please check it out (www.locksteplawyer.com) and let me know what you think.

  • Don’t forget our legal technology blog – LexTekReport.com – an off-shoot of the Chicago Lawyer magazine. But we’re big fans of your blog Mr. Bob!

  • I humbly throw our recently launched Law Marketing Monitor into the ring: http://www.lawmarketingmonitor.com

  • My law firm, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, recently launched http://www.entertainmentlawmatters.com/, a blog that deals with disputes and litigation in the entertainment/media world. Several of our blog posts have already been picked up and reprinted by other websites. We appreciate the opportunity to get the word out about our blog.