The U.S. legal portal Justia has launched a legal portal for Mexico, Justia Mexico. As Justia does for the U.S., Justia Mexico does for that country, providing legal information and resources for lawyers and consumers, all without cost.

The Justia Mexico site provides access to Mexican federal and state constitutions, laws, codes and regulations. Notably, while the Mexican government provides only one PDF file for all of the laws in Mexico, Justia Mexico allows pinpoint citations to the state codes.

In addition to legal information, Justia Mexico provides streams of Mexican law blog posts and legal tweets, a list of the largest law firms in Mexico, and a directory of Mexican law schools.

Read more in the announcement at the Justia blog.

(Full disclosure: Justia designed this blog for me at no cost. See this post: A Special Thanks to Justia for Rescuing my Blog.)