Recently, I received an invitation from Adobe to download a review copy of its latest PDF software, Adobe Acrobat X Pro. I downloaded and installed the program and immediately ran into problems.

Every time I tried to start it, it immediately crashed. Sometimes it would stay open for a few moments longer than other times, but consistently, within a matter of seconds, it would crash.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program, this time making sure no other programs were running when I installed it. I even shut down my firewall and virus software. Same problem. I used “system restore” to restore my computer to where it was before the first install and then tried again. Same problem.

When it crashes, I get the message, “Adobe application manager has stopped working.” I am running 64-bit Windows 7.

I contacted the folks at Adobe who replied that they would “take this up with engineering” and get back to me when they had an answer.

I haven’t heard back from anyone. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, have you found a work-around?

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  • We are not aware of any common problems in this area. Have you check our knowledge base online to see if there is any information there? Also, did you uninstall previous versions of Acrobat – we don’t support multiple versions installed on the same computer.

    Finally, do you have any 3rd party plugins for Acrobat installed? If so, try removing them and trying again.

    Leonard Rosenthol
    PDF Architect
    Adobe Systems

  • Joseph Vallette

    I had a similar problem with Acrobat Pro 9 Extended but it was a 148:3 licensing problem. Don’t know if the error is the same but sounds like a similar type of error. Here is how that problem was resolved. The website may help with your problem.

  • I haven’t had any problems with Acrobat X yet (I’m on the same review program you are). Usually when I see Acrobat crash I suspect 3rd party add-ins. Do you have any?

  • I do not have third-party plug-ins installed for Acrobat. This is a brand-new laptop that never had any earlier version of Acrobat installed (except Reader). I do have PDF applications from other vendors, notably CutePDF. I also have multiple scanners with their own “scan to PDF” functions.

  • Rob Perelli-Minetti

    I went from 9 Extended to X Pro recently. I’m not having the issues you are, but I find that performance is fairly significantly degraded from 9 Extended on a 3 yr old Lenovo T-61 running XP SP3 with 4Gb RAM. I also preferred the old tool bars. I am a lot less happy with this upgrade than I was with the upgrade from 8 Pro to 9 Extended.

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  • Randall M. Smith

    Upgraded from 9 pr extended to X. Nothing but problems with printer conflicts. I have to printers on my network. My default printer immediately produces an error message “Document Failed To Print”. I now must print on an expensove to operate color printer until I can find a solution.

  • Randall Smith

    printer driver conflicts with Adobe X Pro continued to the point we removed it and reinstalled 9 Pro Extended. PAll printer conflicts immediately disappeared. Interestingly, Adobe refuses to reimbuse the $129 upgrade fee.

  • Alexander Morreale

    Adobe Support helped me with this and they had me install,

    • Dalton

      Alexander Morreale · July 13, 2011 at 10:57 am

      Adobe Support helped me with this and they had me install,

      Adobe Application Manager 2.0

      Acrobat X Crashes after Update.

      This worked for me.

      Thank you, Alexander.

      • Steve S

        I use Adobe’s Master Collection and purchased a $199 per year subscription to Adobe’s Forms Central Plus on 9/21/11. There was an issue on September 27, 2011 distributing a survey. It took them over 2 months to acknowledge that these items go out on their server and the local mail client is not involved and this was the first step in defining the problem. My issue is still unresolved and they to not respond to my request to reset my subscription date. They keep having me restate the issue (again today) which I have done more than 10 times and in writing. I cannot get the initial emailing out as a result of the issue.

  • I am operating an installation of Adobe Acrobat X Pro after somewhat happily using Adobe Acrobat Professional V 6 for many many years. The purchase of X Pro was forced by the fact that Adobe contumaciously engineered Professional V 6 to be incompatible with Windows 7 64-bit OS!

    X Pro, except for a few tweaks, is identical to Professional V 6 except that Adobe spared no effort to make the new interface as confusing as possible. These are very disagreeable people at Adobe: only 2nd to Mr. Gates and the crowd at MS.

    Now my X Pro has started to act up when I am printing to a new Adobe file. I like to render screen shots of malfunctoning software into 8 1/2″ x 11″ documents that I then annotate in Adobe. It takes a reboot to get the Acrobat X Pro printing.

    I’d like to know when the class action law suit against Adobe begins.

  • Glenn Wallace

    Two of our work computers, both recently upgraded to CS6 3 weeks ago, had Acrobat X Pro crash this morning. Neither of our PCs are able to relaunch Acrobat or Distiller, nor open any PDFs. It’s strange that TWO separate computers would have the same problem. Any ideas?????

    • Kevin D

      This problem still occurs with the latest update (10.1.8) using Windows 7 x64. I too have no issues with Acrobat 9 Standard (on a separate notebook), but 10 Pro crashes every time I attempt to scan more than 2 pages. I guess Adobe has no plans to patch this.

      I hope Acrobat 11 works when I decide to buy it.

  • Roger

    I have similar problems.
    My Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro worked fine (Win 7 Pro)
    I installed Adobe Acrobat 10 Pro (Win 7 Pro). There are now problems.
    Scanning one page is OK. If I want to scan 2 pages Acrobat stops working. I I want to scan a 3 pages document I have to restart Acrobat 3 times…
    On the Internet I see that a multitude of people have similar problem; however, after selling the product Adobe doesn’t answer or repair.

  • Robare M. Novou

    I too have Acrobat X Pro, which is part of my CS6 suite.

    It has crashed and will not restart.

    As a work around, I downloaded the free Adobe Reader.

    I now view all my PDF’s in Adobe Reader.

    I keep getting message updates from Adobe to update my Adobe PDF software due to security and bug issues that Adobe states as the reason for these constant updates.

    I get no such messages for my other software…which by the way runs just fine.

    Only with I get inadequate software in need of constant monitoring and babysitting by the morons at Adobe.

    Why put this product out if it needs constant updates?

    In my opinion, it does not need updates…it is just a ruse to collect your personal internet activity information.

    I refuse to let any Adobe supposed “updates” wander into my computer.

    If you don’t believe me…just read the EULA…it’s right there in print that you can’t miss.

  • Luis Gutierrez

    Same as most of everyone version X I have two CS6 Design Standard packages and both of them crashes , I have installed and uninstalled, no matter what it continue crash. Different PC’s and same result. One person at Adobe , ask me to remove the license and input again ; but it continue doing the same. Acrobat X is a pain …

  • Deb Shaw

    At day 25 of the 30-day free trial for Acrobat XI Pro.
    The install went fine but in the 5 days since, I have no mouse function in the body only of all outgoing Outlook emails & can no longer open any Word shortcuts from my desktop.
    Ready to ditch the rest of the free trial but after reading this thread, have no idea where to go except back to 8 where I had no issues at all.

  • Steve Cawley

    I have intermittent problems with Acrobat X Standard. The software came pre-installed on my laptop (Windows 7, 64bit), and every once in a while it crashes with the “Adobe application manager has stopped working.” error message. I have to run the Application Manager setup and enter my serial number each time it does this. A serious pain!!! I’ve contacted support several times, and they have been unable to help. They fish around in permissions, and it will work for a while, but always comes back. Anyone else experience this and find a solution?

  • I’m trying to run a document review on Acrobat X crashes continually. I’ll try Reader next. I’ll probably need to cut the document into many pieces to solve the memory problems. I have about 20 reviewers ready to review and don’t know whether the whole effort is going to work. Adobe seems to be hell bent on ruining their formerly functional software. I used to be their cheerleader, but I’m looking for other options now even though I have a lot of money invested in Adobe products.

    Anyone have any advice for using successfully?

  • Brian

    I recently downloaded the trial version of Acrobat Pro XI and now have severe issues with internet connectivity even after removing the trial version and running Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials which neither of those found any malware or virus. I have no clue what is going on as I can’t access my work e-mail in an individual Chrome tab, won’t even load my log in page. I have Microsoft updates waiting to be installed and those wont even open to do so. I’m at a loss of what to do to rectify the issue.

  • Vernon Peterson

    I have recently upgraded to Acrobat XI Pro and it crashes every time I use the find function.