The new Web-based practice management application from LexisNexis, LexisNexis Firm Manager, is now officially out of beta testing and available in a commercial version. The introductory price for those who sign up by May 1 is $44.95 a month per user. You can try it free for 30 days.

I first wrote about Firm Manager in December, before it was released to public beta, and then again last month, when it was released to public beta. See those posts for more background on the application.

Even with the commercial release, LexisNexis continues to develop and build out Firm Manager. For one, it has begun beta testing a mobile app for accessing the application. For another, it has created a set of training videos to help subscribers learn to use the application’s features. It has also launched a community forum for subscribers to ask questions, share ideas and report problems.

As I have noted before, I was part of a 15-member advisory board that provided LexisNexis with feedback on the development of Firm Manager. We received no compensation for our participation but were reimbursed for travel to two meetings.

  • MarkEd

    This week there is an enormous picture of you in the New York Law Journal seemingly endorsing a competitive product. How can we possibly believe what you are writing either now or when you reviewed that obviously inferior product? Sure you were not compensated for either one but please, you can’t be so close to the action and objectively review either product. We look to you for an objective lawyer’s perspective on technology but it appears that your take on these products is as part of the product design process. You can’t be both and retain any credibility and not certainly if you allow yourself to appear in an advertisement.

  • I have not seen the ad but I believe it takes a quote from the review I wrote here about Smart Litigator ( I reviewed that product after its initial launch, not as part of the “product design process.” I was in no way “close to the action.” I gave my honest impression of it. If they want to quote me, I have no problem with that.

    I would add that I do not think that Smart Litigator and Firm Manager are competitive products. The former is centered on current awareness and legal research. The latter is for managing cases, matters and clients.

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  • Anon

    Just wondering, why would the Board of Advisors contribute valuable time and effort to a firm like LexisNexis, which makes millions upon millions of dollars and seeks to do the same for this commercial product? Do you consider free advertisement to be outside the concept of “compensation”?

  • My entire staff- attorneys, secretaries, paralegal and bookkeeper – beta tested this program in November. It was not ready for prime time. I hope they did a lot of work on it since then. We could not network between each other in the office, could not see each other’s calenders, could not synch with Outlook without buying an upgraded program, had difficulty retrieving files and documents we created from the Lexis computer, it was difficult and time consuming setting up billing codes, etc. I hope lots of work has been done to improve it.

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