Just a few days ago, I titled a post here, Maybe I Need to Give Up on Adobe Acrobat X Pro. As I explained there and in an earlier post, I was never able to install and run Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Try as I might, it crashed every time I tried to launch it. An Adobe support technician seemed as clueless as me. I tried everything I could think of. He seemed to have tried everything he could think of. All without success.

Today, a different Adobe technician called me back. In under five minutes, he had Acrobat up and running without a glitch. I am enormously thankful to him.

His fix was surprisingly simple. He had me create a new user account in Windows with full administrative privileges. He then had me log in as that new user and install Acrobat there. Once I logged back in under my usual username, there was Acrobat and it worked seamlessly.

I assume this means that there was some conflict between Acrobat and another program running under my username. Whatever the problem was, I am glad it is fixed.

  • Unsure if this is the case for your situation, however we are seeing isolated conflicts between Dragon Legal 11 (and the rest of the Dragon 11 suite of products) and Adobe X.


  • Celia

    We just upgraded to Acrobat X, which I thought was a great decision until I realized that the “Document” button I used constantly to remove and resave pages as separate documents/exhibits was no longer there. There is possibly a fix, or maybe I’m just missing something. I don’t mind searching for an answer on how to use new software, but got no help whatsoever from Acrobat X’s online help feature. Fixed my problem by dropping back to Acrobat 9, which makes me wonder why my firm invested in the upgrade. What am I missing?

  • Eric White

    I’m having this exact same problem. I launch Acrobat X (windows 7) and when I try and select anything…it immediately freezes. I don’t know what to do.

    • Have you tried what I described above? It worked for me.

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