Thanks to Adobe for Fixing my Problem with Acrobat X

Just a few days ago, I titled a post here, Maybe I Need to Give Up on Adobe Acrobat X Pro. As I explained there and in an earlier post, I was never able to install and run Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Try as I might, it crashed every time I tried to launch it. An Adobe support technician seemed as clueless as me. I tried everything I could think of. He seemed to have tried everything he could think of. All without success.

Today, a different Adobe technician called me back. In under five minutes, he had Acrobat up and running without a glitch. I am enormously thankful to him.

His fix was surprisingly simple. He had me create a new user account in Windows with full administrative privileges. He then had me log in as that new user and install Acrobat there. Once I logged back in under my usual username, there was Acrobat and it worked seamlessly.

I assume this means that there was some conflict between Acrobat and another program running under my username. Whatever the problem was, I am glad it is fixed.