In my recent post, Popular Legal Directories, Ranked by Traffic, I looked at how several online lawyer directories stack up in traffic rankings. One comment said that, another site that tracks website statistics, ranked the sites in a different order.

So I checked and, sure enough, the rankings are a bit different. Using Alexa, the top four were FindLaw, Avvo, Justia and (in both global and U.S. rankings). Using Compete, the top four remain the same, but they shift positions, with FindLaw still first, followed by Justia, and then Avvo.

Here are the sites, showing their Compete rank. Compete’s rank is based solely on a site’s unique visitors and does not factor page views or visits.

  1., 618.
  2., 1,674.
  3., 1,716.
  4., 2,273.
  5., 4,199.
  6., 6,207.
  7., 8,287.
  8., 12,774.
  9., 28,439.
  10., 164,934.
  11., 219,506.
  12., 369,473.


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  • Hi Bob,

    I think the comparison is still slightly apples-to-oranges as Findlaw and Justia park non-directory related content (like caselaw) into their domains. Here’s a view that I generated with Google Trends to focus on directory portions:

    What do you think?



  • TC

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  • I agree with Hero from Lexis (, you can’t really compare directory traffic by looking at only over all domain traffic.

    Of course (and Avvo) has a lot of non-lawyer-directory content (and traffic) on their sites. Hero of course knows this, which makes his comment/link above somewhat disingenuous.

    Quantcast does provide estimated domain and subdomain traffic and does allow for authenticated traffic numbers for sites that choose to authenticate their traffic (see for an example of authenticated numbers). If lawyer directories really want to compare their traffic apples to apples, then they/we should move our lawyer directory content on a subdomain and get authenticated by Quantcast.

    Avvo is [still] the one to watch. They have really changed the legal directory business. They might have moved into general professional ratings, recently adding doctors, but I don’t think that subtracts to what they have done on the legal side. It really only adds, as the backend code bases (profiles, ratings, q&a, articles) can be shared, and the marginal costs of adding a new group of professionals is relatively low to starting up a whole new system from scratch. Really an outstanding job.

    Ok — now I have to get to work adding more value to Justia’s free law with even more editorial summaries and annotations etc… we ain’t exactly “parking” it – 🙂

    Free Law Good and Go Canucks Go!!!! – Tim

  • Cathy

    I heard that is another up-and-coming directory. Do you have any statistics on that?

  • Stan da Man

    Hey Bob,

    Your website is nice and the content interesting! To be fair and unbiased, I have to lean towards what Sami Hero stated; this is really apples to oranges. I’m certainly not an official expert on this topic, but I’d bet that a large majority of visitors to Justia and Findlaw are not there for the directory; rather other content. To see how many visitors are ACTUALLY there for the directory, you’d have to research Alexa and Compete with the subdomain where their directories reside ( and

    On the other hand, sites like Avvo,, Superlawyers, etc… are primarily driven by their directories and most visitors to their sites would be drawn for that reason.

    Consider this: who performs more oil changes, JiffyLube or WalMart? 10x more at JiffyLube, right? But if you count everyone that comes through WalMart’s doors (even though they aren’t there for an oil change) then the numbers would be way in WalMart’s favor. That’s what you’ve done by using the url’s and (instead of the directory sub-domain).

    Good topic though and thanks,

  • I really enjoyed the post (and your site as a whole). As someone who focuses on attorneys/law firms marketing, and monitor clients’ profiles on the various sites you mention, I have yet to see a positive ROI.

    #7 & #8 on your list (IMHO) are frequented primarily by attorneys themselves, not by potential clients.

    @Cathy – I’m not sure if you post was a plug for the website. Assuming it wasn’t, I can tell you that site has been around for at least 2 years and the only way you would ever find it is if you knew the URL. Organically its ranks for obscure terms and if I’m not mistaken, they only started an AdWords campaign in June of this year.

  • Global Law Directories , although a comparatively new site is also worth reviewing.

  • Another “bigger player” not mentioned is with a very respectable Compete Rank of: 19,626 at the time of writing this.