In my recent post, Popular Legal Directories, Ranked by Traffic, I looked at how several online lawyer directories stack up in traffic rankings. One comment said that, another site that tracks website statistics, ranked the sites in a different order.

So I checked and, sure enough, the rankings are a bit different. Using Alexa, the top four were FindLaw, Avvo, Justia and (in both global and U.S. rankings). Using Compete, the top four remain the same, but they shift positions, with FindLaw still first, followed by Justia, and then Avvo.

Here are the sites, showing their Compete rank. Compete’s rank is based solely on a site’s unique visitors and does not factor page views or visits.

  1., 618.
  2., 1,674.
  3., 1,716.
  4., 2,273.
  5., 4,199.
  6., 6,207.
  7., 8,287.
  8., 12,774.
  9., 28,439.
  10., 164,934.
  11., 219,506.
  12., 369,473.