In two posts I wrote about Bloomberg Law — one earlier this month and one when it launched — I cited something that Bloomberg emphasizes as a key selling point, its flat-fee pricing of $450 per user per month.

My question to you is: How does that compare to what you pay for Westlaw or LexisNexis?

Pricing of these services seems to be all over the board, depending on any number of factors and on how good of a deal your firm is able to negotiate. Some firms expressly agree not to reveal their pricing terms.

I am trying to get a better sense of how Bloomberg’s price compares to those offered by Westlaw and LexisNexis. (And, yes, even Bloomberg offers enterprise pricing to larger firms.)

I’m not asking you to tell me specifically what you pay. (Feel free to if you want.) But is it more or less than Bloomberg’s rate? Is the difference in price small or large? What do you get for that price?

Let me know. Add a comment below or send me an email.