Producer Kate Kenney
This week marked the beginning of our seventh year of producing the weekly legal-affairs podcast Lawyer2Lawyer. With roughly 300 episodes under our belts, we continue to be the longest continually running legal podcast. We now average some 80,000 listeners a month, from all over the world. We’ve also won numerous awards.

I’ve enjoyed going along for the ride, but it wouldn’t have been half as fun or challenging without my fantastic cohost, lawyer J. Craig Williams. And neither of us would be doing this at all without the support, sweat and professionalism of the great folks at the Legal Talk Network who produce the show.

Engineer Mike Hochman

LTN is fortunate to have two veteran broadcast professionals at its helm, Lu Ann Reeb and Scott Hess, who have been generous with their knowledge and patient with our ignorance over the years. The real grunt work for the show is done by our miracle worker of a producer, Kate Kenney, without whom there really would be no show, and by production engineer (and law student) Mike Hochman, who puts it all together and somehow manages to make me sound better than I really do. Bob Phillos, another award-winning broadcast veteran, pinch hits for both Kate and Mike and also helps keep it all together week to week.

If you are one of our listeners, thanks. If you’re not, what are you waiting for? You can find our show among a line-up of many great legal podcasts at the Legal Talk Network. If you never want to miss a show, subscribe to our RSS feed or subscribe on iTunes.