I’ve written at least a couple times before about websites created in order to allow lawyers to share legal forms and documents. Now there is another one.

First, a recap. I wrote last June about Standardforms.org, a legal wiki intended to serve as a free repository of sophisticated legal documents. In 2009, I wrote a post about ExampleMotion, a site where lawyers can share and even sell pleadings, motions and other legal documents.

MyLawDocs logoI do not know how either of these sites are doing. As of this writing, I am not able to open the Standardforms site. ExampleMotion is still operating and the lists of recently added and recently requested documents show activity current to this week. That suggests someone is using it.

Now, there is another site that hopes to become a hub for lawyers to share legal forms for all types of transactions, cases and legal matters. Called MyLawDocs.com, its concept is simple: as long as you upload at least one legal form of your own, you can download as many forms as you like, all for free.

To upload or download a form, you will have to register, but there is no cost to register or to obtain forms. To find a form, your only option is a keyword search. It would be useful if the site added the ability to browse and choose forms by category.

A few searches of the site revealed a variety of transactional and employment documents, such as asset purchase agreements, real estate sales agreements, employment agreements, leases, and stock purchase agreements. Among other documents I found were website terms and conditions, model bylaws, a model proxy statement, a limited partnership agreement, and model audit committee letters. I did not download any documents.

The site is the creation of Joseph Rocco, a New Jersey lawyer. The lawyers who have contributed forms so far come from large, mid-sized and solo firms and corporate legal departments and span a number of states.

  • Thanks for the write-up, this is very helpful. I spend a good amount of time crafting my own templates, and this would be a great way to improve what I have and share them when I’m done!

  • Fredric Gruder

    There is also a new one call Docracy, docracy.com, which seems to be relatively good. As with all forms, you need to make sure you understand them and use them judiciously.

  • Edward

    Thanks for the article, Robert. I think websites dedicated to the sharing of legal forms is crucial to making sure clients receive the best work from their attorneys. I found the site Perfectdocs (www.perfectdocs.org) to be very good. Prices for forms are not free, but still very reasonably priced.



  • Brandon C. McDaniel

    Another great new option is NeoJurist (https://www.neojurist.com). User contributed documents are keyword tagged, searchable, user rated and a comments section for each document encourages discussion and suggestions to improve drafting. In addition, the site also includes attorney forums to discuss practice questions, networking groups and free user profiles in a public facing directory to attract potential clients. It’s a complete online community for attorneys!