When California is so beautiful?

Back from a visit to San Francisco and environs to attend my son’s college graduation and tour with him north of the city. We covered a lot of ground, savoring the wine country, camping in a redwood forest, mellowing-out in Mendocino, and hiking at Point Reyes, among other things. Every time I visit California, I leave asking myself, “And why do I live in the Northeast?”

Meanwhile, if anyone wants to hire a freshly minted college grad with skills in film and video production and social-media marketing, let me know.

  • Harold Burstyn

    San Francisco and environs is certainly one of the few year-round climates. But most people who’ve stayed in Massachusetts (or other eastern states) find they’d miss the changes of season if they moved. Besides, isn’t California getting rather crowded? And the anti-tax forces (Jarvis-Gann, the requirement of a supermajority for the budget) have come close to destroying its economy.

    • All good points Harold. However, during the years I lived in the Virgin Islands, I never missed winter. Every place has its own seasons — the changes are not as stark as in New England, but they happen.