Here are two things that happened in August 2005:

  1. was launched.
  2. Our Lawyer2Lawyer podcast was launched.

I’m not sure whatever became of that Facebook thing, but our podcast rolls on. This week, we marked the seventh anniversary of our weekly legal-affairs podcast. That adds up to more than 350 episodes (I haven’t counted them, but do the math). By my reckoning, we are the longest continually running legal podcast.

Over that time, we’ve covered just about any legal topic you can come up with and interviewed guests from all walks of legal life and all parts of the globe.

Lawyer2Lawyer podcastThe “we” in this podcast is actually a team of people. J. Craig Williams, an accomplished litigator in Irvine, Calif., and longtime blogger, is my cohost. Most weeks, we’re on the show together, interviewing the guests and adding our perspectives. Sometimes, one or the other of us can’t make it and the other flies solo.

But the real talent in the show is behind the scenes. We were fortunate back in 2005 to team up with the Legal Talk Network (before it was called the Legal Talk Network)  and become its first podcast, spawning a whole stable of great legal podcasts produced and hosted by LTN.

You can read about the company and its people here. Lu Ann Reeb, the founder and driving force, is a long-time media professional and two-time Emmy Award winner who was formerly executive producer at WBZ-TV/CBS Boston. Kate Kenney and Bob Phillos produce our shows, meaning they help pick topics, line up guests, and prepare discussion outlines. Mike Hochman does production and engineering, while he’s not hitting the books as a 3L at New England School of Law.

Thanks also go to Gary Tanguay, a well-known TV sports anchor in the Boston area, whose made-for-broadcast voice introduces our show, and to Larry Savell, the lawyer, humorist and song writer who wrote us our very own song.

Last but far from least, we are grateful to the various sponsors over the years who’ve helped make the show possible. I won’t name them all, but I want to extend a special thanks to Clio, which has been our longest-running and most-consistent sponsor.

(By way of disclosure, Craig and I receive no payment of any kind from anyone for this podcast. Sponsorship fees go to help underwrite LTN’s costs in producing and hosting the show.)

All of that is a long-winded way of introducing this week’s episode of Lawyer2Lawyer. It may well be our most boring show ever, insofar as we have no guests — save a cameo from production engineer/law student Mike Hochman. Instead, Craig and I talk about the show, the profession and various other stuff.

If you can stand it, you can listen to it here.

Photo of Bob Ambrogi Bob Ambrogi

Bob is a lawyer, veteran legal journalist, and award-winning blogger and podcaster. In 2011, he was named to the inaugural Fastcase 50, honoring “the law’s smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries and leaders.” Earlier in his career, he was editor-in-chief of several legal publications, including The National Law Journal, and editorial director of ALM’s Litigation Services Division.